Welcome to Fight Chopper! This site is dedicated to telling the story of Ryan Masales, aka Chopper, and his brave fight against Glioblastoma Multiforme; a terminal brain cancer . Below is a summary of where Chopper is at in his treatment at this time.

After a three year battle with brain cancer , Chopper’s last MRI showed that, despite treatment, his cancer continues to grow;he has lost his peripheral vision and can no longer see clearly out of his right eye as a result of tumor growth. We have now exhausted all conventional treatments available in Canada. A genome map of Choppers’ brain tumor shows, however , that he has the biomarkers for a study which is currently being performed at the Ivy Brain Tumor Center in Phoenix, Arizona. This means that the treatment there could very well be extremely effective in treating his deadly condition. We need to raise approximately $200 000 Canadian to get him the life-saving treatment, and have started a gofundme page to this end.

We need your help

Chopper has never once complained about the card he has been dealt, and continues to fight each day with a smile.
Ryan has spent his career as a police officer keeping the citizens of Canada safe and on numerous occasions, as an undercover operator, put his life on the line to protect and to bring very bad people to justice – days when I was not sure if he would come home. Now that he is fighting for his life, I think we owe him help! Any support with his fight would be greatly appreciated! Time is ticking for us and FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

My name is Estelize and I am Ryans’ wife. I fight beside him each day. He is the best thing I ever found and I am determined to win this battle with him. This site is newly created, please check back in the next few days as I will update it with alot more information. My contact information is below if you wished to connect with me.

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